Aroha Walter’s Miramar – Review


Aroha is a New Zealand wrap company who are making waves with their striking patterns and vivid use of colour. Walter’s Miramar is the second wrap from them I have tried, and my favourite to date.

26695940_10155335082220945_344367239_oWM is comprised of bold blue and stark white in a simple but pleasing design – the simplicity of it is almost edgy, and the crispness of the design in contrast to the flowing and flexible nature of the fabric itself is very interesting to the eye.



Melanie of Aroha tells me that the design is in memory of the iconic NZ artist Gordon Walters, who worked with negative and positive space. I can certainly see that influence here.


An all cotton wrap, WM is fairly smooth in hand, with little texture aside from where it is26653719_10155335081890945_1372104187_o slightly noticeable at the edges of the design. It’s heavy and dense, with decent recoil and some diagonal stretch.  It came very well presented in a tote bag with a nice clear booklet.

We used the Aroha with Patrick, then seven months old, and Rosie, three years and seven months, in a wide variety of carries. I feel like WM would benefit from some more breaking in, but even so I liked the way it wrapped with both of mine.


26692544_10155335082160945_1092692478_oWe found that it benefited from a double knot to secure, but once secured makes for a very comfortable wrap. It wrapped best with my eldest, as it her weight made for an easier anchor. My youngest was practically weightless, and felt well supported. The dense weave of this means it won’t pull easily, and all cotton makes for easy care. For me this all makes for a good all rounder. Probably not the greatest for little squishies, but great once they’re a bit chunkier.




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