Luluna Sisi Lazure Review 

Luluna is a Polish company headed by friends who have joined together to make beautiful wraps. Sisi Lazure is a recent offering by them and the first Luluna I have tried.

With lazure, dark turquoise, and black, Sisi is striking and features an intricate swirly design. In hand, the wrap feels lightly textured and floppy. The fabric drapes well and it has a subtle shimmer that’s hard to capture on camera. 

Somewhat confusingly there are three different Sisi Lazure wraps, all the same colour and named the same but with different blends. The tester that came here was the 70% combed cotton and 30% bamboo blend. With a GSM of 280, this is a medium weight wrap.

With Patrick, 4 months, I found that Sisi moulded very well to both of us but benefited from a good secure wrap job as the fabric isn’t very forgiving of mistakes.  It’s easy to get complacent when you carry lots, and sometimes sag happens. The good news is that with a good carry Sisi is wonderfully comfortable. The wrap moves well with passes gliding over each other easily. With Patrick I stuck to front carry. I did FWCC, FWCC with a Poppins finish, kangaroo, and a Robin’s hip carry. I preferred a double knot with Sisi to help hold everything in place. 

I also tried Sisi with Rosie, 3 years and 4 months. We opted for double hammock, a ruck tied Tibetan, and an FWCC (at her request). 

She enjoyed the closeness and Sisi was easy to wrap with thanks to its floppiness. It was much better for short bursts than it would be for a long walk; bamboo is more suited for smaller babies and I definitely found that with Sisi.

All in all, it’s a wonderfully soft and floppy wrap that’s lovely for small babies. Especially as the pattern is very forgiving for small baby mess and spills!