Rowan Bay Chrysler Heather – Review


Heather is the second Chrysler Wrap I’ve tried from Rowan Bay, the first being a more blue colourway (review here). The Heather tester I’ve got is much longer than the other one I had, and I’m grateful for that as it means that I can really enjoy this wrap more and get to know it better.

Ok so, aesthetically Heather is definitely more up my street.

19495793_10154799639450945_1352379715_oIt’s a blend of rich purple and sandy tones, while retaining the same repeated V pattern. The colourway suits the design in my opinion; both are understated and modern feeling.


Heather is the same gsm as the first tester, but it has been woven with different yarn and I feel this has made a world of difference. This wrap feels cushy in hand, with a very nice diagonal spring – the recoil is lovely and noticeable. It feels softer than the original and despite having the same gsm of 350, this doesn’t feel quite solid.

To wrap with, Heather is still a dense wrap, but it has more movement and more mouldability. I used it with both two month old Patrick and three year old Rosie, and although I liked it for the baby it most definitely shone for the toddler.


Heather landed during a heatwave, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t a nightmare for hot weather. Patrick and I both stayed actually quite cool, which was nice as wrapping can often be a sweaty affair! We tried a few different carries and Heather was lovely for all, although personally I’d prefer a thinner wrap with a baby this size.




Heather really shone when it came to Rosie. Even in a single layer carry, Heather gave me plenty of cush on the shoulders and really supported Rosie’s weight well (thank you double weave.) This wrap felt like it has more grip than it’s predecessor; there was no sliding or sagging once she was up and she was able to bounce away to her hearts content.





We also tried it in a double hammock and it was a serious toddler prison. My DH skills are out of practice as it’s not often Rosie comes up now, but even so we got a great carry out of it. She really enjoyed herself and I found that the shoulder passes didn’t slide (my usual complaint about DH) and it held well even in a single knot.

19532012_10154799638935945_420064293_oOverall, I was really pleased with this latest iteration of Chrysler. It’s a great toddler wrap, it wrapped very well and it felt great. Well done Rowan Bay, Rosie and I think you’ve nailed it.


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