Best of British – Top Five

A few days ago I asked on Not Just Rosie’s Mum Facebook page who people would suggest as a round up of the five best British companies. There was a great response, with a few companies standing out as clear favourites. Honestly, I think we’re pretty lucky to have such a varied homegrown market.

Without further ado, here are my top picks:

Best High End 

Lawilde are hands down my favourite high end British company. Their wraps are sophistication, glamour, pure luxury and just oh so British. I particularly enjoy the Lewis design; it’s lived here in three different colour ways and three different blends and it’s nothing short of perfect. Lawilde, in my opinion, are somewhat underrated – I don’t see them at shows very often and I rarely see the same hype that other high end companies seem to have – but for me that’s part of the appeal. They are understated and classy as hell. they don’t churn out wrap after wrap, but what they do release is incredibly high quality.

Honourable mention: Woven Wings, a popular high end company with some really lovely staple designs.

Best All Rounder 

Oscha Slings are a British giant. Based in Scotland, they have by far the largest variety of wraps, carriers, and accessories. Every blend, size, colour, design, price, and wrap quality you can think of – they have it. With plenty of in stock options, there’s always something available. For those who like the thrill of the chase, plenty of their more highly sought after carriers go to fastest finger first. They have designed and developed their own structured carriers, which is a fabulous option for those who want pretties but don’t wrap. They also have a wide range of design aesthetics, and even include a boutique and handwoven range for when you’re feeling super fancy. Oscha are good attenders at exhibitions, meaning that you have a good chance at getting to see them up close and personal before committing cash. They have a bargain basket too usually, and that will always be a winner in my eyes.

Honourable mention: Joy and Joe, another company with a wide range of aesthetics and blends.

Best Handweaver 

To The Loom and Back is my favourite UK handweaver. Sian’s work is nothing short of incredible – her selvedges are perfection, and there’s never a thread out of place. She knows her stuff too, and is always happy to advise or recommend regarding weave structure and blend to get just the right wrap qualities to make the wrap fit your exact specifications. Her use of dye and colour is also exquisite, creating beautiful wraps that are always amazing. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Honourable mention: Feather and Hay, for their beautiful rainbows.

Best Value For Money 

Wrapahula come top here for me. To clarify, by value for money I don’t mean cheap. They’re reasonably priced, and you get a lot for that price. Excellent customer service, a good community in the chatter group, and genuinely lovely wraps that require very little breaking in – I’ve had to work much harder to break in more exclusive wraps, and I’ve paid much more for wraps that haven’t wrapped half as well. Wrapahula feel particularly accessible to me; they work to maintain stock on the website so that newbies will always have a choice of purchase, and the fact that their wraps need so little breaking in is again a good thing for new people who might be put off by that process. They have recently started to provide size 8 wraps, and also high quality bags with each carrier purchased – we put one to the test and I could carry my three year old in the bag easily.

Disclaimer – I do work with Wrapahula on some admin tasks, but this doesn’t make any of what I said any less true.  I wouldn’t want to be associated with a company that I thought were anything other than genuinely good.

Honourable mention: Firespiral – another super lovely company with fantastic wraps at great value for money.

Best Ethical

This was a hard one to call between Baie Slings and Sycha Slings – but what tipped the balance for me was Baie’s Snow Geese wrap. Designed to aid partially sighted or sight impaired wrappers, Snow Geese has some pretty awesome use of texture in order to help people feel their way round it much easier and therefore use a woven easier. They also have their Appleseed range, which at a lower price point helps make wrapping more accessible. They’ve raised money more than once for various good causes, and just generally a super nice company.

Honourable mention: Sycha Slings, who donate a percentage of each wrap sold to charity.

And there you have it! My top five. Do you agree, or disagree? Who would you choose?