Liora Rae Bloom – Review


17195352_10154487083020945_616897190_oBloom is the second wrap I’ve tested for Liora Rae – the first, Flow, can be seen reviewed here – so you can imagine I was excited to see how Bloom would s17200460_10154487080945945_1525753975_otack up in comparison.

Bloom is a purple and duck egg blue riot of florals on a large scale geometric background – it’s a very busy pattern and this gives it great texture. In hand, Bloom does feel textured
but not rough. The fabric feels well broken in and floppy, and there is a heaviness to the wrap thanks to a double weave which gives it a 320gsm – a little higher than I usually prefer but Bloom does not wrap like a dense heavyweight.

In fact, it wraps beautifully.We tried Bloom in a few different carries, including double hammock and ruck variations, and it was just great with every single one. The fabric has lovely movement and molds beautifully, passes are easy to make and I experienced no slippage with this wrap. Even a single knot held well.

17200572_10154487084905945_341634394_oBloom was brilliant in a single layer carry, thanks to it’s sturdy double weave, but  I think it really shone in multi layer carries because that’s where you really get to see those great wrap qualities shine. I think this would be equally good as a shortie or a long wrap and although it wouldn’t be my first choice for a newborn, it’s definitely got the potential to be a fantastic all rounder for older babies right through to pre schoolers.

The busy pattern and close weave of Bloom is another reason that it should be a good wrap for older babies – you won’t be able to see every smudge from sticky fingers or muddy shoes, and it shouldn’t pull every ten seconds either.

Again, as per Flow, the hemming and labelling is perfection, and the wrap came with a tote and booklet.


Overall, I loved how this wrapped. I found myself reaching for it because I wanted to wrap with it, rather than because I had to. It was genuinely a pleasure to use, and I think Liora Rae have really got something right with Bloom.


It’s bloomin’ lovely. (Sorry. I’ll see myself out.)



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