Rowan Bay Chrysler – Review


Rowan Bay is another new woven wrap company based in the UK. Created by Larissa Cooper, an ecologist and wildlife gardener, Rowan Bay has been borne of a deep love of nature, all things wild, and a passion for babywearing.

There are two initial designs out for test; Sorbus, a design comprising of a repeated pattern of three rowan leaves, and Chrysler, a geometric pattern of chevrons. 17016448_10154465687650945_1484646658_o

Chrysler is what came to us for test. A combination of cool mint and ice blue , Chrysler is a busy geometric pattern of V shapes all over the wrap. In hand, it feels dense and heavy and the info on the indiegogo confirms this – it’s a pretty high gsm at 350 and a double weave. The fabric is fairly smooth with little texture.

Fans of narrower wraps should love this, coming in at an even 60cm wide. To wrap with, Chrysler is strong and cushy enough that it doesn’t dig on the shoulders.

The tester I received is a long 2/short 3, which, given my current pregnant state and huge child, is base minus 5 for me. This meant that I was rather limited in what carries I could do, and multi layer carries were definitely out! We did manage a few ruck variations – tied under bum, tied at side, and knotless. I was unable to try any front or hip carries because of bu17092990_10154465688955945_951718199_omp.

Chrysler was strong enough to handle a nearly three year old fairly easily. This is glidey rather than grippy, so I’d prefer it in a double knot, but cushy enough that a knot shot would look epic.

The double weave means it shouldn’t have issues with pulls, and gives the fabric a nice touch of diagonal stretch. 17091391_10154465687490945_1540251971_o

The hemming and labelling on Chrysler is well done, with a fairly big discrepancy between tails and rails – the hems on the rails are much narrower, and I assume this is done to make use of every possible centimetre of wrap. I did find that this added an unexpected tactile quality –  it was easy to find the rails when wrapping because they are much less flat than usual.

Chrysler also came with a set of very pretty engraved rings – it’s a very nice added touch and the bronze was a lovely complement to the cool blues of the fabric.

As a brand new company, Rowan Bay are still in the process of raising funds. If you’d like to get involved and have the right to buy (or even design your own wrap with them!) this is the link to their indiegogo.



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