Sycha Slings Space Bears Sunlit Pulsar – Review

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Sycha Slings is another new woven wrap company based in the UK. Set up by Sally Sycha (‘Sling Sally’) in 2016, Sycha Slings aims to enable as many people as possible to experience babywearing for themselves. They have two ranges, the Main Line and the Studio Line. Main Line wraps are produced in Turkey, as this makes them more affordable, and Studio Line wraps are produced here in the UK, making them slightly more expensive. A percentage of the price of any Sycha Slings wrap goes to a named charity; for this wrap it’s Cancer Research UK.


We tested Space Bears in the Sunlit Pulsar colourway. Featuring a playful design of parent and baby bear in space together with gold and purple, Space Bears is a very striking wrap. I found that it looks much nicer and richer in colour in real life than photos can show, and it also features flecks throughout the wrap which give the appearance of stars.

In hand, Space Bears feels soft and dense. The purple side is very smooth, whereas the gold side is a little more textured. The hemming is neat and even, with unobtrusive labelling.

To wrap with Space Bears is beautiful. The passes are made easily, as the fabric glides 16910678_10154444622260945_1432676418_oacross itself, but the more textured gold areas help to lock it into place well. It has a springy diagonal stretch which makes getting a good secure pass nice and easy. Space Bears is a denser and heavier wrap than I usually go for at 290gsm, but was very lovely and supportive with a 30lb toddler, even for 30 week pregnant me.

We tried it in a variety of carries on the front and back, including multilayer and single layer. Space Bears shone best for us in a multi layer, but for an all cotton wrap it held up admirably even in a simple ruck.


I did hav16833212_10154444619885945_789147237_oe to tie right on tippy tails for a couple of carries (because I keep forgetting that my base is rapidly expanding) but this wasn’t a problem; it held well and didn’t fall apart.

All in all, we liked Space Bears here. It’s a good strong workhorse with a dense, pull resistant weave and the colours and design mean that dirty marks won’t be glaringly obvious either.

Space Bears Sunlit Pulsar is available to purchase here.





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