The Honeycomb Loom Sea – Review


Last year, two of my favourite woven wrap comapanies, Baie Slings and Firespiral Slings, joined forces to collaborate on a new project called The Honeycomb Loom. Their aim was  to create affordable cloth, designed primarily to be perfect for carrying. With The Honeycomb Loom not only have they achieved that, but they’ve also achieved generally excellent fabric for essentially any sewing project you could dream up.

The Honeycomb Loom sells their fabric by the metre, meaning that you can customise your project in any way you want while remaining affordable. Their website has a few different col16442892_10154394689955945_2035580059_oourways of the same weave that you can buy for £12 per metre, with advice on how much to buy depending on what size wrap you hope to achieve. They also sell care labels and middle markers, which for some reason I find adorable.

You may, of course, have your fabric converted by whomever you choose, but The
Honeycomb Loom recommend Sling Betty. Conveniently, the
cloth is kept at the same building that she works from, so if you wanted you can buy your fabric, have it hemmed by her on site, and then sent out to you (thus minimizing postage costs).


If you wanted a size six with blunt tapers, you’d need 5m of fabric (they have a helpful piece on their website that explains how many meters you need for what sizes). This comes to £60 (£72 if you’d prefer angled tapers), add on £4.65 for postage and £20 for Sling Betty to hem, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful size six wrap from two of the industry’s finest makers for just £84.65. For £96.65, you’d have a size six with angled tapers. This is genuinely impressive; there are few sling companies where you can get beauty, quality, and also support local British businesses for that price.


Now, onto the fabric itself! The tester arrived already hemmed by Sling Betty. I have absolutely no faults to pick with the stitching; it’s perfection. Honestly I expect no less, both Baie and Firespiral are known for high quality products so it stands to reason that anyone they work with will have similarly high standards.

With an indigo warp and a turquoise weft, Sea features something very similar to a diamond weave. It has noticeable diagonal stretch, and in hand it feels floppy with a fine, almost waffle-like texture. The colours, combined with the weave, puts me in mind of mermaids and scales. The turquoise definitely dominates, and it really changes the look of the indigo depending on the lighting. In some lights it appears almost like a dark raspberry.


Wrapping was the real test. I’m 28 weeks pregnant, and my wrappee is a 30lb almost 3 year old. So it’s fair to say that Sea would be put through it’s paces!


While we are still carrying on a regular basis, I’ve definitely become more picky the more pregnant I’ve gotten. It’s become more important than ever that wraps are comfortable and hold well, in both single and multi layer carries. Sea fits all of my requirements and then some.

Our first up was in the house, just to give it a whirl. We don’t often wrap in the house as she’s too distracted by toys to want to be up for any length of time. I popped her in a double hammock with a candy cane finish and we were both wowed. The wrap moulded to us both w16466394_10154394689345945_864194960_oithout any fighting, and even for me and my notoriously slack wrap jobs, it was just wonderful. Rosie felt supported and snug, to the point where I asked her if she wanted to come down more than once and she refused. Now, with a double hammock, I often struggle to get all the slack out of the top rail (or I do and then some more magically appears after ten minutes
and the whole thing sags). When I tried this carry in Sea, it was noticeable how the top rail stayed exactly where I’d put it. She didn’t drop an inch.

And this turned out to be a theme that would continue with every use of Sea. I tried it in a variety of double hammocks, a Charlie’s carry tied diagonally, a kangaroo carry and a couple of differently finished rucks. With every carry I tried, Sea performed beautifully. It didn’t slip or sag, it held well and was supportive even in a single layer carry. Sea has just perfect amounts of grip and glide to make for a good carry, every time. That diagonal stretch combined with that subtle texture means it’s so easy to make a good snug carry and lock it into place.

Rosie and I genuinely loved this wrap. It got used lots, and washed beautifully after an unexpectedly muddy outing. I’m honestly super sad to see it go, and I can say with confidence that there’ll be a Honeycomb Loom wrap on my shelves at some point in the future.

Overall, I thin16442797_10154394685485945_504799065_ok this is a really great all rounder of a wrap. Due to the weave I wouldn’t expect pulls, and that combined with all cotton puts this firmly in the workhorse category. It wraps very well and very easily; its no frills and no fuss but lots of awesome. Sea was wonderful with my toddler, and I feel it would be equally suited to smaller babies too. It’s a medium weight wrap so not mega chunky, and it’s not beastly stiff either. At risk of sounding a bit like Goldilocks, this wrap is just right.








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