Jacq and Rose Tesserae Calleva – Review


Jacq and Rose is very new British machine woven company. Founded just this year, it is headed by Katie, who creates her own designs, uses ethically sourced yarns and weaves at a British mill. I’d heard lots of good things about their Triangles design so was naturally keen to try out their latest offering, Tesserae Calleva.

First impressions of Tesserae – it features simplistic colours and a bold blocks design. The clean lines and contrasting colours are pleasing to the eye, and the dominant teal is just luscious. Tesserae feels smooth in hand with minimal texture, and is quite dense.


To wrap with, I found that Tesserae is more than capable of handling my 30 odd lb beast toddler, but I did find that the shoulder passes in both ruck tied tibetan and double hammock had a tendency to slip; I also found that sometimes in making the passes I struggled to get them tight enough, resulting in some slippage as I wore the wrap. I did speak to Katie about this, and it’s worth pointing out that this wrap is a prototype, and Katie tells me that she is planning on altering the structure and design for the final edit of the wrap – this will introduce more texture and help with any slippage. I think this will help immensely and provide the finishing touch to really boost this beautiful wrap.


We also used this wrap in a Front Cross Carry and found it very comfortable; here is where that denseness comes in useful!

I certainly think that Tesserae is more suitable for a toddler or older baby than a newborn; as mentioned above it is quite dense and I feel this might not be ideal for a tiny baby. Well broken in may be a different story however.


I feel like this would be a good all rounder / workhorse wrap; the kind of wrap you wouldn’t be scared of pulling or getting dirty.

And I’m definitely interested to see what Jacq and Rose come out with next.


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