Paper Street Weaving Co – Seaglass Handwoven Review

Paper Street Weaving Co is a new handwoven company operating out of Canada, with the lovely Deidre at the helm. Paper Street Weaving, Deidre tells me, takes it name  from her favourite book, Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. She says, ‘A paper street is a road or a street that appears on maps but does not exist in reality. By definition it sounds a bit mysterious. So I went with it.’


So onto the wrap. Seaglass is a cotton and tencel blend, with a 100% cotton warp and a 100% tencel weft, putting it at about 60% cotton and 40% tencel. Unusually for a handwoven, Seaglass has a diamond weave. It also features accent tails and a discreet, tactile middle marker.


As it’s name suggests, Seaglass feature a delicate interplay of purple, navy, teal, and sapphire, offset with a subtle light grey tencel weft. This is a gorgeous selection of colour that works wonderfully together, and making Seaglass a very apt name.


In hand, Seaglass feels blankety, dense, and strokeably soft. The selvedges are perfection, the sewing neat and tidy. It does have a wash care label but unfortunately the ink that has been used has blurred so it’s difficult to see what it says. Deirdre is aware of this and has planned to use a diferent pen in future. But honestly, this is the only fault I can find.


To wrap with Seaglass is a beauty. It makes my two year old weightless and the passes lock into place with ease. The tencel adds glide and strength and the cotton helps to give it some grip, meaning that Seaglass wraps easily but holds well. The diamond weave gives it some diagonal stretch, although it’s still a fairly dense wrap so movement is a little limited. As Rosie gets bigger, I’m preferring longer wraps and multi layer carries but Seaglass is perfection even in a single layer ruck. There’s no pulling on my picky shoulders.


Seaglass has traditional handwoven blunt tapers, and this combined with it’s thickness and density made it feel like it wrapped a little short to me. It’s labelled up as 4.2m, so a size five, but wraps more like a four.


I tried Seaglass in a variety of carries and it held up well in all of them. I didn’t find it prone to pulls, and that combined with the strength of this wrap makes it a good go to workhorse for a toddler!


I really like Seaglass; for a new weaver Deidre has really done a fantastic job. She’s taken her passion for wovens and the wrap qualities that she loves and created something beautiful and usable. She obviously has an eye for detail and this shows – Seaglass is beautifully designed and beautifully made. I’ll be very interested to see what else comes out of Paper Street Weaving Co.



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