Baie Herringbone Emily – Review

The most recent in Baie’s new Herringbone line is Emily, a mix of ecru and yellow which combine to give Emily to effect of a soft, creamy, butter colour.


And it feels buttery too! HB Emily is a medium weight, smooshy, cuddly wrap – absolutely perfect as a blanket. The herringbone pattern feels very nice in hand and is lovely and soft. Rosie also liked it for this reason, I caught her pulling it across herself for a cuddle when she was ready for a nap.

To wrap with, Emily is a delight. The herringbone pattern means that Emily has lovely amounts of grip and glide; passes are easy to make and lock in place once there. There’s very little slipping or sagging. It’s perfectly mouldable and feels comfortable even on my picky shoulders.


I tried Emily in a variety of carries with my almost two year old, and found it perfectly lovely in both single layer and multi layer carries. I had no problems getting a nice tight knot and found that Emily has a nice amount of stretch down the length of the wrap, making getting all the slack out nice and easy.


I absolutely loved the colour. Emily is a rich, classy yellow and just really says ‘elegance’ to me. Which is quite fitting actually, as Juliette of Baie tells me that all the Herringbone wraps are named after roses to suit their classical beauty.


The only potential downside I can see to Emily is that it can be very difficult to differentiate between the sides when wrapping. I ended up getting a little confused when trying to do an FWCC and one of my cross passes ended up twisted. To be fair it didn’t actually affect the final wrap job, but it is something to be aware of.


All of Baie’s hemming and labeling is done in house, and is perfection as ever. The labeling is discreet and contains pertinent info such as release date and model number.

Overall, I really like Emily. It’s classy and beautiful, and boasts some very lovely wrap qualities. I can see the herringbone range becoming a staple in people’s stashes – the LBD of the wrap world, if you will.


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