Opitai Cosmia – Review

Opitai Baby is a small business based in Durham that up until now have focused on converting woven wraps into custom carriers. They have recently branched out into making their own range of woven wraps, the first of which is Cosmia. Fay of Opitai tells me that after working in the babywearing industry for five years she’s keen to realise her lifelong ambition of designing textiles, and being able to incorporate her passion for babywearing just adds to the joy. She’s also delighted to be using weavers based in the North of England – she’s very proud of the industrial heritage of the North.

So, Cosmia is comprised of peacock blue and ecru cotton, using a mix of Egyptian Cotton and Combed Cotton. The design itself is derived from a macro photograph of a butterfly wing, and was developed using traditional design techniques; drawing, rotating, and painting. The overall effect is something that looks a little bit cosmic, a little bit ‘spacey’ – it’s easy to see why Cosmia ended up with it’s name. With it’s peacock and jade colouring and busy design, Cosmia is the kind of wrap that works well with jeans for a bright, fresh look.


Now, onto the wrap qualities! Our first ‘up’ in Cosmia was a very quick ruck with a toddler over the top of two waterproof coats – usually a recipe for wrap disaster. Cosmia was a delightful surprise and held very well. My toddler was supported and there was absolutely no sliding or slippage.


Cosmia is on the wider side, and the plain weave tester is quite densely woven. It does feel fairly stiff in hand and would definitely benefit from some breaking in, but obviously as a new tester it’s not there yet. It’s a 300gsm wrap, and there’s definitely some weight to it.


We also tried Cosmia in a Charlie’s Cross Carry and a Front Cross Carry. I have to say that although it held very well once in place, I found it could be quite difficult to tighten and make cross passes. Grip definitely surpasses glide on this one, although this could well be to do with the fact that it requires some breaking in.


I’m happy to say that even in a single layer carry, the wrap was very supportive for my now big girl. She was in a particularly happy and giggly mood, so we had lots of bouncing and kisses! Despite my Charlie’s not being the best, and despite much bouncing and fun, it never budged. I’ve got to say Cosmia does make for one solid wrap job!


It’s worth noting that Opitai have woven Cosmia testers in a variety of blends and weave styles, including a cotton and silk wrap.

I’d also like to add that Cosmia came very beautifully packaged, wrapped in tissue and with a fancy teabag and even a notebook, featuring a front cover quote from Why Babywearing Matters, the upcoming book by Rosie Knowles of Sheffield Sling Surgery. Call me sentimental but I think that is a lovely touch!


I feel like this would be a beater wrap; the kind of wrap that will withstand muddy dog walks and being flung on a park bench while you chase a toddler. I can’t see this wrap being one that pulls easily, the weave is simply too dense.





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