Wrapahula Lucky in Love Baby’s Breath

After the great success of the Enigma range (review here), Wrapahula are ready to announce the release of their next venture into the woven wrap world with Lucky In Love.


Lucky In Love is a celtic style design made of hearts and clovers. Baby’s Breath will be the first released out of an initial three colourways, all named after flowers. Sarah at Wrapahula says that her dad is partly  the inspiration behind the design, and also how lucky she feels for having her husband and son.

As the first release, Baby’s Breath was my tester. Baby’s Breath uses jade and peacock in graduated stripes down the width on a natural cream warp. When I first saw pictures of the three initial colourways, I thought I preferred this one the least. I am usually a fan of bold colours and high contrast, and I’m not normally keen on stripes down the width. I’ve got to say though that once on and tied, it looks much prettier than I was expecting. The low contrast on some of the stripes actually works to give this wrap a shabby chic, vintage feel. And the colours come across as faded, delicate blues. I am reminded of Victorian porcelain or wallpaper. Very pretty.


This wrap is a looser weave than the Enigma wraps, and a lighter weight too. That’s not to say it feels thin in hand though; Baby’s Breath is quite substantial for a looser weave. There is definitely some stretch to it, and the fabric feels textured and pliable. Like the Enigma range, it is 100% cotton and feels soft and floppy from the get go. It will be even nicer once broken in, of course, but it won’t take much at all to get there.


To wrap with Baby’s Breath is lovely. It’s mouldable and doesn’t require a massive effort to tighten or make passes. Because of the slight stretch, it does benefit from careful tightening to avoid sagging. But I didn’t find that to be a huge issue if I’m honest. I tried this wrap in a Strangleproof Ruck, a Ruck Tied Tibetan, a Charlie’s Cross Carry, EJBC, an FWCC and an FCC. I found it very comfortable in multi layer carries, holding up well under an excited and bouncing toddler. It shone most for me in a Charlie’s, and a friend who tried it really enjoyed it in a Double Hammock. Quite often in a Charlie’s I will find that the knotless finish can start to slip and will require re-tightening; I didn’t find that with this. It stayed nicely in place and held well. I didn’t feel a need to double knot with this either, again, it held well. I did however find that it could be diggy in single layer carries, but having said that I do have a toddler who is now around 26lbs, so I wouldn’t expect her to feel totally weightless in a ruck anymore!


I found that the wrap did manage to get a couple of pulls, but the long floats which add so much comfort to the wrap qualities made them easy to fix. And to be fair I didn’t baby this one; it went round a farm, to a soft play, on a school run, and was worn over my coat more than once.


In short, I really liked this wrap. I think it will shine for squishies and smaller babies, but it’s just as good in a multi layer carry for a toddler. It’s pretty and elegant and I think the design is timeless.

‘Lucky In Love’ Baby’s Breath will be released on the 16th of January, you can find out more on the facebook page or the website.


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