Kirsty’s Handwovens Merino Weft Tester – Review


I recently had the pleasure of testing this beautiful wrap from Kirsty’s Handwovens, a small UK based weaver. Weighing in at 306g/m2, this is a medium weight wrap with a 100% cotton warp and a 100% merino weft. I’m pretty sure this is the highest merino blend I’ve tried, so I was excited to see what it would be like.

My first impressions are how soft and blankety it is! It’s smooshy and cuddly with a lovely drape. There is a nice amount of movement in the fabric and on a tactile level it feels very nice indeed.


This wrap is a herringbone weave with lots of lovely pastel colours, with a delicate mix of blues and pinks. It’s something different from Kirsty, who usually does plainweave or pebbleweave. It’s also a little thicker than her usual wraps, and has a slightly denser weave. Don’t let that put you off though; it’s by no means beastly. It also has a central section that sits in contrast to the tails, I tried to show this below.


Wrapping wise, I found it supportive and cushy. My toddler felt secure and supported, with that little bit of bounce that you get with wool. Multi layer carries definitely worked better, but even in a quick ruck I was very happy with how it felt. I also found it didn’t pull my shoulders in a ruck, which can often be the case for me. Furthermore, I didn’t experience any sagging with this wrap, even on longer trips.


I didn’t get too hot in this, I found it kept a nice balance. Although I must say I think with the dense weave it may get a little warm in summer. It also made a very nice scarf when Little Miss Independent wanted to walk!

The weave was impeccable with perfect hems and selvedges.


I’m personally not a huge fan of merino for myself as I am quite heavy handed, so a combination of wool and pale colours would leave me in a constant state of nerves! I do love the wrap qualities of this though, it was very nice indeed.



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