Showing Thanks

I recently came across a Facebook group called Showing Thanks . The aim behind this group is to show thanks to the medical professionals that have helped families through pregnancy and childbirth, with the eventual intention to put the content on a website. With a rather complicated birth story and wonderful NHS support myself, I though this was a truly marvellous idea. I decided to show my thanks here where I felt I could make the most impact and gain some visibility for the group.

So what am I showing thanks for?

I’d like to thank the wonderful midwives at Barnsley Hospital, who, after confirming that my waters had indeed broken at 31 weeks and 5 days, brought me tea and reassured me that we’d be ok.


In the days before labour.

I’d also like to thank them for monitoring us for the next two weeks, and for helping me remain calm.

I’d like to thank them too for their support and swift actions when two weeks later I went into labour. The neonatal unit at Barnsley was full, so the staff rang round and found us a place at Chesterfield and arranged for an ambulance transfer. I’d like to thank the midwives for keeping me up to date with what was happening and monitoring me throughout, and even accompanying me on the journey. Their calm and measured approach helped me to stop panicking.

I’d like to thank the fantastic staff at Chesterfield Hospital for welcoming me and making me feel comfortable, for their support and advice with regards to pain relief and monitoring my baby.

I’d like to thank the midwife who wheeled me down to the neonatal unit and introduced me to the staff there so I’d know what to expect when my baby arrived.

I’d like to thank the team of midwives and doctors that assisted me to give birth to my daughter at 34 weeks exactly after sixty tumultuous hours of labour. I’d like to thank them for their support and professionalism, even after I projectile vomited across the room (and on some of the staff – I am still, to this day, mortified.)

I’d like to thank the doctors who allowed my husband and I a quick precious snuggle with our new daughter before taking her to NICU to be intubated.


First cuddles!

I’d like to thank the doctors who manually removed my placenta after the birth for talking to me and treating me like a real person and not just a patient.

I’d like to thank the team on the maternity ward for everything they did to help me while I recovered for the next week, including giving my husband a wake up call at 5am so that he could visit our daughter before heading to work. They didn’t have to do that, but they did, and it helped immensely that my husband could stay with me in the hospital. I’d also like to thank a particular midwife there for consoling and hugging me when I was discharged, arranging a place for me to stay on site so that I could be near to my daughter.


A containment hold.

I’d particularly like to thank the NICU staff at Chesterfield Hospital, for everything they did and their many kindnesses during my daughters two week stay.


Skin to skin with Daddy.

To the doctors who explained what they were doing and why during her examinations so as to reassure me, thank you.

To the staff who helped me learn how to use the pump to get my daughter that liquid gold, thank you. 

To the nurse that washed my clothes so I had something clean to wear, thank you.

To the nurse that consoled me when I couldn’t bear to part with my daughter after skin to skin time, to the nurse that advised me to skip the night cares and catch up on some sleep, to the nurse that showed me how to bath her and assured me I was doing fine, to the nurse that ensured I had three meals a day, to the nurse that posted her red book to me because I was in such a flap when we finally got discharged, to all of the quite frankly amazing staff for the love and tenderness they showed my tiny daughter and me, thank you so, so much. I’ve never been more scared and I’ve never felt so supported.

You are all incredible, and my family and I owe you a huge debt for all your hard work.

Thank you so much.


Thank you for my daughter.