Firespiral Sherbet Curves of Pursuit – Review

Recently I was sent Sherbet Curves of Pursuit from the lovely ladies at Firespiral. Admittedly, my only prior contact with Firespiral has been having a little play with my local library’s Birch Trees, so I had few preconceived ideas.

Sherbet Curves is the latest in the popular Curves of Pursuit range, and this 100% combed cotton wrap features yellow, peach and pink on a cream coloured warp. My first impressions were that it was beautifully summery, and puts in mind images of ice cream vans, beaches and tropical cocktails. So naturally, it had to go to the beach with me!


The first thing I noticed with Sherbet was that it was rather fluffier than I was expecting. It’s a fairly loose weave, light and airy, so lovely for hot days. Not thick, but there’s definitely a fluffiness to it. It feels soft and smooshy, and made an excellent blanket in the car on the way there.


When I wrapped with it I found that it was mouldable, and the looser weave meant that I could tighten it more efficiently, resulting in a closer, more comfortable carry. Passes stayed in place well, and little slippage meant that I had no need to double knot.


I tried Sherbet in an FWCC, a ruck, and a kind of bodged Half Jordans back carry (I didn’t realise til after that I had done it wrong, but nevermind, it was comfortable and safe and that’s all that really matters). I found Sherbet in each carry to be comfy and easy to do. I didn’t have to wrestle with it; it just did what I wanted. Rosie clearly enjoyed it too!


Despite the Whitby heat, Rosie and I remained cool,and Sherbet was more than supportive enough for her at 15 months.


Sherbet has been something of a revelation for me; I have steered clear of looser weave wraps after I had a bad experience with one and pulls. One of my few preconceived ideas about Firespiral was pulls, which honestly worried me. I tend to be quite heavy handed and I am prone to accidentally wrecking things, so most of my stash is tighter weaves and workhorses. I was especially worried about this one because it’s not mine, and I did not want to send it back all pulled and ruined! Initially, I was rather precious with it to avoid any damage. But I very soon realised that it was actually far more sturdy than I was giving it credit for, so I relaxed a little bit and enjoyed it some more. Once I relaxed with it I found that actually, it was bloody lovely, and nowhere near as pull prone as I had assumed.


On the whole, I really liked Sherbet. With it’s light, fluffy texture, it’s beautiful fizzy colours, and it’s playful design, Sherbet feels and looks like the perfect summer wrap.



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