Woven Wings Greenfinch Geo – Review

Recently I was very lucky indeed and won an invoice for a Woven Wings Greenfinch Geo. Now, if I’m honest, I enter a lot of these draws with not much hope of winning. And I was in two minds as to whether to enter for this one. But, as luck would have it, I ended up scoring. So, I thought I’d give it a go, at least for the purpose of review writing if nothing else. On arrival (which was very quick, and very well informed with emails telling me what was happening and where it was) it was packaged well, in a box, in tissue paper, and came with a WW bag and instruction leaflet. I really like the bag, it’s very pretty, good quality and something I would actually use. I also found the instructional info very good, with clear directions, info, and pictures. image image The wrap itself was neatly folded and well presented, but what struck me most was the colour. I was expecting ‘green,’ not the myriad of colours I was presented with! Greenfinch has a mixture of pale, spring green, teal, gold, and white colours. It gives the wrap an overall vintage feel – with surprising warmth. Due the design and colouration, there isn’t really a ‘wrong’ side to this wrap, although one side has slightly more colour than the other. image image In hand Greenfinch is narrow as are all WW, but it was also thinner than I expected. It very much reminds me of cool linen trousers, and I think it will be wonderful for hot summer days. I am also a fan of the weave. It is quite a tight weave that should hopefully not be prone to pulls, while remaining light, airy, and supportive. image This wrap is a blend of 21% linen, and 79% Egyptian cotton. I did expect it to require some breaking in, and here my expectations were met. Greenfinch was quite stiff and crispy, and fresh out of the box I had some difficulty in bending it to my will. However, after a wash, steam iron and some braiding it is already starting to feel much better, and I anticipate that in due time it will become fluffy and mouldable. image When I took it out I did three different carries; a Robins Hip Carry, an FWCC, and a Knotless Ruck (tied tibetan). I found that it wrapped well, it was grippy and carried my one year old with ease. image The narrowness did not pose a problem for me, in fact I feel that that, combined with the thinness will make this a great wrap to stash in a handbag as it folds up to be fairly small. Knots and passes stayed in place well, with little slippage or movement. image Although this wrap doesn’t have very tapered tapers, so to speak, I found that I didn’t end up with a big knot. Due, again, to the overall thinness. In a five I was able to comfortably do all of the above carries without being right on the tippy tails. image I feel that although this wrap will go perfectly with jeans and jean shorts, it would also be an elegant accompaniment to linen trousers or a pretty summer dress. It’s very versatile in terms of looks. Overall, this wrap has been a bit of a pleasant surprise. It looks and feels like a perfect summer wrap; light and airy but strong and capable, able to be dressed up or dressed down. I like this very much, and it has already flown its way into my permastash. image


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