Baie Trowen Sweetheart – Review

For many years now I’ve been with my (long suffering) husband and been faithful. Now, however I have a new Sweetheart. A Baie Trowen Sweetheart, to be exact.


Released rather fittingly on Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart is the latest in the very successful Trowen line. It features the same celtic inspired pattern as the other Trowens but with a plum purple to black gradient warp, and a striking fuchsia pink weft. On one side the background features the gradient with a solid colour pattern, and on the other it is the pattern itself that features the gradient, while the background is a solid colour. I am not sure which is supposed to be the ‘wrong’ side – I personally don’t consider there to be one. The truth of the matter is, Sweetheart looks stunning any way round.



And it wraps like a dream! 100% combed cotton, this is one of Baie’s snug weaves, meaning that it is more tightly woven than a plush weave. The result is a fairly thick, dense fabric that looks and feels fantastic. Having never tried a new Baie before, I was not sure what to expect but right out of the bag this wrapped well. It feels fairly thick but it’s not beastly and it’s very supportive. It holds my ten month old in a fwcc (my least favourite front carry) without feeling diggy, or pulling my shoulders. There’s also practically no sagging or slipping; the material holds well without needing to be re adjusted every ten minutes.

I picked it up en route to Bolsover Castle and just could not resist using it immediately. The setting was perfection, and made me feel like a non murderous Lady Macbeth. In fact, I’m pretty sure if she was a babywearer this is what she’d use. It’s dark, it’s dramatic, it’s elegant and it’s just a little bit gothic.



I feel like this wrap looks it’s best when dressed up; this is the wrap I’d go for if we were going to any kind of an event. Having said that, that doesn’t mean it’s unsuitable for everyday wear. It adds instant drama and elegance to any outfit. It’s just so classy you can’t help but feel fabulous in it.

In fact, even the tote bag it came with is glamorous. In classic black and gold, this is a sling tote bag I’d actually use as a bag. And the gold is shimmery.


Speaking of what came with this, I should add that Baie also sent some fabulous literature. Well designed, well written with clear instructions that show you how to do two different carries.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this. It looks and feels luxurious and high quality. It’s beauty and strength pretty much instantly guaranteed it a place in my rapidly growing permastash. There is no compromise with this – you don’t have to substitute good looks for good wrapping abilities. It does everything. And I can honestly say I’m no longer just Baie curious – I’m converted.



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