Danu Bronte George RS – Review

As my birthday is at the beginning of January, and it’s generally such a cold and miserable month anyway, I thought that maybe I should get a new carrier and cheer myself up a little. I looked around and decided to go for Danu. I had taken advantage of their voucher offer before Christmas so it was practically already paid for.

In need of another ringsling, my husband and I looked at a couple and decided to go for the beautiful blue and white rose patterned Bronte George. Our little girl is Rosie, and if she was a boy she would have been George, which makes this particular design very appropriate.

The Bronte series is so called because the homeland of the Bronte sisters is very near to where these wraps were woven. George itself is named partly to honour George Smith, the editor who published Jane Eyre when no one else would, and also the first birthday of Prince George.

The roses are wild Irish Roses in full bloom, a freehand design that pays homage to Danu’s Irish heritage. It’s  very pretty, and gives the wrap a textured look. The roses look almost 3D, as though you could very nearly reach out and touch them.


Just getting it out of the packaging

It’s a gathered shoulder with matte blue rings, and the way it’s sewn combined with the pattern means there isn’t really a wrong side, so this rs can be worn either left or right shouldered.


Gathered shoulder, matte rings.

At 2m long, it’s a good length and there appears to be a decent but not overlong amount of tails. The sewing and hemming is impeccable, and the labelling discreet and tasteful.



This is pretty much it for wash care instructions. Although you can easily ask in the Danu Devotees group on Facebook, personally I would prefer a leaflet of some kind with some basic care instructions. I had to ask to find out whether I should wash it before use. The answer is yes by the way.


Nice tail length

With a 55% linen and 45% cotton blend, this carrier has the highest linen content I’ve tried so far. I fully expected it to be beast like, and to be fair it kind of was. However, after a wash, a steam iron, and a good hour or so being pulled through the rings it softened up considerably. Don’t get me wrong, it still has a ways to go, but it’s definitely on its way. With a bit more work I believe this ringsling will be absolutely wonderful.


We love how supported she feels.

I found that it was easy enough to get Rosie in, and it felt very supportive. It tightened well, and during our trip to, back from, and round Asda she didn’t need adjusting as it held firmly with no slippage whatsoever. Rosie is a smallish 9 months at around 17lbs, but judging by how supported she feels in this, it should last until she’s much bigger. The high linen content will definitely help in this regard, as linen is one of the strongest and most durable vegetable fibres there is. It should also be quite cool and breathable in summer – just think of how lovely linen trousers are on hot sticky days!


Coming back from Asda

Regarding linen (and this is seriously geeky, so feel free to skip) – it’s one of the more tricky fibres to weave. It has to be done in an air conditioned space with a relative humidity of at least 75%, and during the weaving process the fibres have to be kept as free as possible of dust, as it can reduce the quality of the fabric. It’s therefore very interesting to know that Danu not only wet spin their linen but also, unusually, spray water onto it during the weaving process. This makes the finished product much more pliable and helps to smooth out the fibres, giving the fabric a greater lustre. (Ok, geekery is finished, you may proceed!)


Gorgeous George

In short, I’m just a bit in love with George. He’s Irish, beautiful, supportive, strong, cool, he’ll get softer with time, and he’ll be able to manage a toddler with ease. What more do you want from a man – er, ringsling?!


He's so good with kids.

Bronte George is available here for those that wish to share the love. Enjoy!


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