Joy and Joe Moorish – Review

Having recently received Moorish Timbre from Joy and Joe Baby, I decided it was high time for another review!

As usual, the wrap came with complimentary tea bag, biscuits and tote bag. It was well wrapped to protect it during transit, and well presented on arrival.

The wrap itself is a double weave, so in effect there is no ‘wrong’ side, although both sides are contrasting colours. This double weave makes it super snuggly and warm, and also adds a bit of bounce. It’s 100% Egyptian cotton.


The lighter side


The darker side

The design is influenced by traditional Moorish and Moroccan architecture, in black and a very very pale blue. So much so that the blue colour can quite often present as grey. Personally, to me the design is very reminiscent of snow flakes or spiderwebs. Either way, it’s striking.


My wrap measures 62cm wide, coming in a good 6cm narrower than Luceo Non Uro, another Joy and Joe creation. You can read the full review here. The size difference is negated, however, as the grippier quality of Moorish more than compensates. LNU by contrast is slightly slippier, so I find that the passes tend to stay in place a little better with Moorish. My wrap measures length ways at 3.9 m, making it a size 4.
My wrap is a second; which means there are some aesthetic defects. This does not compromise safety in any way. These flaws are quite visible when the wrap is laid flat, as shown here:



However, I have found that they don’t tend to be evident when the wrap is in use. That could be more to do with the carry I use, predominantly a Front Cross Carry but it works for me either way.



A flaw is visible here, but not hugely so.

Aside from the aesthetics, the stitching and hemming is of high quality, and even, with the middle markers unobtrusive. The labelling is minimal but manages to include TICKS with an additional warning about not allowing babies chins to rest on their chest.



In short, I really like this wrap. It feels immediately like a workhorse. It’s sturdy, bouncy, comfortable and feels like it will last the distance. I’m not scared of it; I feel I can give it some punishment and it will take it. It has washed and ironed well and needed very minimal breaking in. Certainly, it being a second has added to this, as I don’t feel I need to be overly careful with it. That said, this wrap still manages to be very attractive and I do love the design. I’ll definitely have another double weave at some point.


Rosie loves it too!


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