Luceo Non Uro – Review

I’m a very lucky lady. My husband, ever supportive of my interests, went ahead and bought me a beautiful Joy and Joe Luceo Non Uro for Christmas. I know, it’s October, but after years of panic buying on Christmas Eve, he wanted to be ahead for once.

With it being the first time I’ve ever had a brand new wrap, I decided that a review would be in order.

To start, although there was some confusion on the website (it appeared as though LNU was a preorder, but it has already been released) I have to say the response on the Facebook page was very fast and helpful. They were happy to answer my questions, and I was pleased to see that they were nice and friendly with it. I like good customer service; it definitely helps improve your opinion of a company. Delivery was via MyHermes, and took just less than a week. Another point in Joy and Joe’s favour, as MyHermes are generally a nice company to deal with.

The wrap itself arrived in good packaging, with a little mystery package as well!


Inner packaging, with mysterious extra package.

I was very please to discover that the mini package contained English Breakfast Tea and Biscuits – another positive. I like little added extras, and I’m enjoying them as we speak!


Inside the inner packaging was firstly a tote bag, shown here:


There was also a user guide, with instructions for how to do a few different carries, and a leaflet from the BCIA about TICKS and safety guidelines.


And then, of course, onto the wrap itself. My husband selected the forest green colourway, and it’s beautiful. It’s a lighter green than I expected, but it’s very very nice. The detailing in the stag’s head is exquisite, the design is stunning, and it has overall a rather shimmery effect.


First side


Second side

The middle markers are at the top and bottom, and the sewing overall is perfection. I inspected it at length and could not find a single nub, slub or weavers knot.

Luceo Non Uro is a cotton/linen blend, and my previous experience with blends led to me anticipate something fairly thick and stiff, that I would need to break into submission. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that straight out of the bag, LNU felt thick, soft and pliable, and I was keen to start immediately!

I took it out the following day, initially in a ruck tied tibetan, and found that it wrapped very well. Despite its softness and shimmer, it was grippy and felt supportive. It measures 68cm in width, meaning that there is plenty there to make a good seat and keep baby well wrapped.


We got very admiring looks in the cafe!

After Rosie had fed, again it was very easy to get her in a FWCC. The wrap again was easy to use, which was a good thing as we had most of the cafe watching us! We had a little walk into town afterwards and were able to get the following photos:



Here you can see some of the beautiful design:


It’s just gorgeous. It was absolutely love at first wrap and I’ll happily buy from Joy and Joe again.

Before I wrap this up (pun definitely intended) I’d like to add a little information about the name. Luceo Non Uro means ‘I shine, not burn.’ This is the motto of the Mackenzie clan of Scotland, and has been since 1605 when the head of the clan fell in love with a woman from the clan McLeod. Their love brought the two clans together and changed the motto and the crest forever. Luceo Non Uro means to not allow yourself to be consumed by all the negativity and evil in the world, but instead to rise above and let your love and kindness shine out for all to see. I absolutely adore this, and I’m going to teach my little Rosie to shine, not burn.



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