Never again.

Notjustrosiesdad and I made a monumental cock up last night – we took Rosie to a restaurant.

It was my sister’s birthday, so obviously all our family were attending, which means no babysitter. Not that that even crossed my mind; despite never having taken Rosie to a restaurant before, we were confident it would be fine. I had my gorgeous new wrap, Roses, that I was desperate to try out, and I was sure that she’d stay asleep in there until feed time. Because that’s what she usually does when she’s wrapped.


Well, were we ever wrong.

She was fine initially, asleep and comfy, but around half an hour into the evening she started fussing. And she would.not.settle.

This was about the time that we realised our mistake; babies and restaurants do not mix. A crying baby is stressful enough at the best of times. A crying baby in a restaurant is worse. Add to that, she’s five months old but still looks like a newborn. So we were getting disapproving looks for not just her crying, but also because most people would have assumed she’s a lot younger than she is.

I was more than embarrassed, I was mortified. Nobody wants to go out for a meal and listen to a baby crying. And no parent wants to suffer the judgemental looks from other people when said baby doesn’t immediately settle. To make life just that bit harder, at the minute Rosie will only settle for me. This means that Dad, Grandparents etc couldn’t really help.

I’m not one of these parents who thinks that it’s perfectly ok for my child to scream in public, and that’s probably because before Rosie, I would have been the one doing the judging. Last night I took her outside and walked her up and down, bouncing her until she mostly stopped. I probably looked pretty pissed off; and that’s because I was. Not at Rosie, or anybody else, myself. I should have known better than to bring her to an almost exclusively adult setting. My sister came out to offer words of reassurance, and said that nobody minded her crying because that’s what babies do. I’m ashamed to say I snapped at her. I know that’s what babies do, because at the minute it’s all Rosie does. But again, nobody wants to hear it when they’re out for a meal.

We eventually ended up feeding her early, just to quieten her. It did work, and after that she got sleepy and eventually allowed Nana to cuddle her.


We have learnt our lesson though. Although it was lovely to see family, if we could go back in time we wouldn’t have gone. The embarrassment, stress and judgement from other diners just wasn’t worth the payoff.

So to anybody I offended with my crying child, or anybody I snapped at when I was dealing with my crying child, or anybody that thought me a bitch when they saw my bitch face as I was walking her outside, I’m sorry i foolishly thought that if she was wrapped she’d sleep. I haven’t been doing this whole mum thing for very long, and sometimes I make mistakes.  I have learnt my lesson, and will not be taking Rosie to a restaurant again until she’s at least 25. Hopefully by then we can get through a couple of hours without her screaming.


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