Make up and Mummies

So, let’s talk make up. I love the stuff; but my God it’s a minefield of judgement. Wear too much and you’re whore, or you’re trying too hard. And of course it’s only to impress men. On the flipside, don’t wear any and you’re judged for letting youself go or not puttung any effort in. Because what you choose to put on your face is absolutely everyone else’s business.


Such a whore

Add a baby, and the judgment intensifies. With make up, you’re a cold hearted selfish bitch for not sacrificing your every moment to your screaming milk monster (maybe a slight over exaggeration, but you see my point). With out make up, you’ve ‘let yourself go’ you’re looking rough, and it’s surely only a matter of time before your husband cheats on you.

I hate this. I wear make up for me, no one else. I don’t wear it everyday, and I don’t judge anyone else for wearing it or not. I’m not neglecting my daughter when I put some eyeshadow on.


Bad mother alert

For me, make up gives me a little time to be just me, to create something pretty that makes me feel good, and remember that although I love my little darling, I’m more than just Rosie’s mum; I’m a woman too.

So, I’ll continue following make up stuff online, and trying out new looks, and feeling fabulous in bright blue eyeliner. Because I deserve to be happy, and my daughter deserves a happy mummy.


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